We are not professional photographers, and we do not go to every track day. We advocate that you use the professional track photographers who go to every track day and have better vantage points to take their images and make their living from their photography.

Photographers like -

Champion Ride Days (Qld Raceway and Lakeside Raceway) - Colin Wright at Champion Ride Day Photos for his photo sets. He is also at CollieGeorgePix Facebook Page where he posts samples to view for each ride day. Colin's photos have no logo attached when purchased.

These photographers do a fantastic job and make their livelihood doing these track days and take excellent photos for you to purchase.

We do not believe that giving our Hi Res photos for free would change the chances of you buying their photos (actually if we gave them for free we believe it would reduce their sales) so we offer Facebook sized photos for free for people to take, and the Hi Res images can be purchased individually. We only use these funds raised to help purchase more camera equipment and upgrades to provide every day motorcyclists with images of their pride and joy and them aboard. All our photos have our logo attached.
Below are the photos we take.

We hope you enjoy!